Bird Pinatas

Your bird will love our parrot shreddable toy selection.  We sell the industry leading shreddable toys with top quality and durability.  Our bird pinatas will be just what your feathered friend needs!  Whether you need a hanging shredder, a shredder with fiber or a bird pinata there is a wide variety of choices at our site.  We have great prices and many, many sizes, textiles and fabrics to keep your pet entertained for hours!

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K1000 Shredder Rolls


K1001 Shreddable Hanging Fiber


K1002 Hanging Shredder with Rope


K1003 Hanging Shredder with Wicker


K1004 Nature Shredder with Fiber


K1005 Wicker Shredder


K1008 Woven Chunky


K1009 Woven Skinny


K201 Small Sisal Bag Crinkle Paper, Wood Pieces


K202 MD Sisal Bag Crinkle Paper


K203 LG Sisal Bag Crinkle Paper


K204 Med. Fun Box with Crinkle Paper Inside


K205 Large Fun Box With Crinkle Paper Inside


K206 Extra Large Fun Box With Crinkle Paper Inside


K218 Pizza Box Small


K219 Pizza Box Medium

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