Leather Bird Toys

Leather bird toys come highly recommended, and our leather bird toys are made with non-toxic food dyes, they are super durable and have unsurpassed quality! Kings Cages leather and rawhide toys come in many sizes and varieties to fit your bird needs.  Our rawhide parrot toys and leather parrot toys are top of the line and are just what your bird has been squawking for!

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A106 Ball Tree


K005 Hanging blocks, leather strips


K113 LG Leather & Block Carousel


K118 Sisal & Leather Helicopter


K120 Bar n’ Leather Dangle


K133 Toy Leather & Block Rocket


K135 Leather Ring Strand


K259 L Leather Dice Dangler


K372 Ring, Leather, Squares


K379 String Saddle


K421 Sneaker/Flip Flop Toy


K565 Leather Bear Dangle


K566 Leather Butterfly Dangle


K581 – 50 Leather Strips 1/4″


K582 – 50 Leather Strips 1/8″


K583 – 25 Leather Strips 1/4″

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