Foraging Toys For Birds

Foraging toys for birds are essential for your feathered friends and we only offer the best quality, industry leading, veterinarian recommended items at a good price for a great value!  Not all birds forage the same, so foraging toys should not all be the same.  For great variety and sizes, shop our online website for durable long-lasting items.  Parrot foraging toys, large ones, small ones, ones with wheels, doors or treasure boxes; whatever your bird needs, you can be confident in the safety and safety of all Kings Cages foraging toys for birds products!

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Bird Foraging Wheel P613


Extra Large Foraging Log 4.5lbs


Foraging Box Feeder P751


Foraging Capsule P612


Foraging Paddle Wheel P754


Foraging Sphere P611


K204 Med. Fun Box with Crinkle Paper Inside


K205 Large Fun Box With Crinkle Paper Inside


K206 Extra Large Fun Box With Crinkle Paper Inside


K306 Acrylic Treat Triangle


K350 Acrylic Swinging Heart


K358 Heart Fruit Stick Holder


K485 Mini Paper Party


K715 Spikey Surprise in A Box


K716 Surprise Box Swing


K744 Foraging Friend Penguin

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