One of a bird’s favorite activities is swinging. King’s Cages has the top of the line bird swings for sale that are long-lasting, safe, and vet-approved. Bird wooden swings come in a plethora of sizes and styles but shop with confidence because all of our bird swings are non toxic, durable and will keep your pet entertained for a long time! Ever seen a parrot on a parrot swing? It’s very entertaining!  Check out our high-quality industry leading parrot swing selection below.  We promise that any of our bird swings will keep your feathered baby happy.

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A113 Massive Swing Large


A120 Chain Swing with Chews Small


A121 Chain Swing with Chews Medium


A122 Chain Swing with Chews Large


A123 Chain Swing with Chews Extra Large


A141 Chain Swing Y 18″


A142 Chain Swing Y 24″


A143 Rag Time Swing Small


A144 Rag Time Swing Medium


A145 Rag Time Swing Large


A150 Massive Ring


A165 Massive Swing Small


A166 Massive Swing Medium


Abacus K669


Block and chain swing K424


Hemp Climbing Cargo Net Ladders K648

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