For bird foot toys that are aviary safe, fun and long lasting, we will meet all of your pets needs with safety and function in mind.  Parrot foot toys are offered at a great price keeping your bird’s safety in mind.  Whether you’re looking for African Grey foot toys,  Amazon Foot toys or Cockatiel Foot toys, we have been the industry leader for safe and high-quality toys for over 40 years.  Parrot foot toys are made with non toxic dyes, bright colors and are very durable.  Get your bird the best, because they deserve it!

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K255 Coco Shoes


K275 Wicker Balls Stuffed w/ Paper (4 in a bag)


K276 Wicker Balls Stuffed w/ Paper (6 in a bag)


K390 Waffle Ball Stuffers 3pcs


K500 Small Plastic Foot Toys


K570 60 Sneakers in a Barrel


K571 6 Sneakers in a Bag


K572 100 Sneakers in a Box


K572 4 Sneaker Foot Toy


K572 Double Sneaker Foot Toy


K572 Single Sneaker Foot Toy


K573 – 54 Flip Flops in a Barrel


K574 – 6 Flip Flops in a Bag


K575 – Flip Flop Foot Toy – 2


K575 – Flip Flop Foot Toy – 4


K575 100 Flip Flops in a Box

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