Senegal Parrot Cage

Your pet bird is a precious companion to you.  In your bird’s home, you want to ensure that your bird is safe and sound.  Our Senegal Parrot cages represent exactly that.  With our beautifully crafted cages, the birds feel secure and comfortable.  In our craftsmanship, we make sure that we use quality products to keep the cage strong as it holds your bird.  Each Senegal Parrot cage is made from the highest quality material, ranging from wrought iron powder coated steel, aluminum and 304 medical grade German stainless steel.  Beyond just a cage, it’s a cozy, vet-recommended home for your bird to enjoy.   Check out our Senegal Parrot cage selection and have peace of mind you’re buying your bird a quality home.

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8002422 Play Pen Bird Cage


8003223 Play Pen Bird Cage


9002422 Dome Top Bird Cage


9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage


Aluminum Arch ACA 2522


Aluminum Playpen ACP 2522


Aluminum Playpen ACP 3325 Large Bird Cage on Wheels


SLP 1818 Superior Line – Play Pen for Small Birds


SLP 2624


SLP 3426 Superior Line PlayPen


SLT 101 Small Parrot Cage


SLT 102 Small Parrot Cage


SLT 2724 Superior Line Tall Cage

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