Parrotlet Cage

If you’ve been seeking out the perfect home for your parrotlet bird that is not only comfortable but aesthetically fitting for your home, you’ve found the right place.  Our parrotlet cage selection were created with your bird in mind. From the materials we use to craft the cage, to the design blueprint we’ve created to safeguard their wellness- there’s nothing we haven’t thought of.  Every parrotlet bird cage is made from the highest quality materials.  Your bird will know it is home sweet home as soon as they arrive and use this best cage for parrotlet.  These long-lasting vet-approved parrotlet cages have the best reputation in the bird community for good reason.

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604 Canary/Finch 4 Stackable Breeding Cages


604 Single Canary/Finch Cage


C147 Exhibition Travel Cage


C1510 Small Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C2416 White Double Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C3514 Triple Breeder Cage (SINGLE CAGE)

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