If you’re thinking about purchasing or upgrading your canary cage, your canary’s safety is of upmost importance.  Our canary cages for sale are not only completely safe and secure, but also recommended by veterinarians. Every canary bird cage has been created with extreme care, precision and the best materials.  Your canary’s wellness is serious and you know that they deserve the best.  With a creative design that incorporates different metals and materials, your canary flight cage is exactly right for your beloved canary bird. Not only is the functionality of these canary cages exquisite, so is the appearance.

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604 Canary/Finch 4 Stackable Breeding Cages


604 Single Canary/Finch Cage


C 10×7 White Canary Cage


C147 Exhibition Travel Cage


C1510 Small Breeding Cage (CASE OF 6)


C1510 Small Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C2416 White Double Breeding Cage (CASE OF 4)


C2416 White Double Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C3514 Triple Breeder Cage (CASE OF 2)


C3514 Triple Breeder Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C4016 Canary Cage Stand Only


C4016 Single Canary Breeding Cage


C4020 Canary/Finch Breeding Cage and stand COMBO


C4020 Single Canary/Finch Breeding Cage -1 only!


C4020 Stand only!! for C4020 Breeding Cage


ES 1108 Arch (Single Cage)

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