Extra Small Bird Cage

Our extra small bird cages are made from the highest quality material, ranging from wrought iron powder coated steel, aluminum and 304 medical grade German stainless steel.  They all come vet-recommended as completely safe and comfortable for your extra small bird. You’ll love our extra small bird cages for sale!  We value safe and long-lasting material to keep your feathered friends happy and comfortable. Our extra small bird cage designs are not only beautiful, but will also last you for many years.

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604 Canary/Finch 4 Stackable Breeding Cages


604 Single Canary/Finch Cage


C147 Exhibition Travel Cage


C1510 Small Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C2416 White Double Breeding Cage (SINGLE CAGE)


C3514 Triple Breeder Cage (SINGLE CAGE)

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