Finding a beautiful and comfortable home for your bird is an important decision. We understand the challenges you may be facing. With the intricacy of detail that we are committed to every medium sized bird cage, we find that birds feel right at home in our long-lasting cages. All cages are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ranging from wrought iron powder coated steel, aluminum and 304 medical grade German stainless steel.  We take pride in our high-quality medium bird cage selection to ensure that your bird is safe and protected in it’s home. Your bird will be singing the praises of their lovely new abode with our medium sized bird cages.

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8002422 Play Pen Bird Cage


8003223 Play Pen Bird Cage


9002422 Dome Top Bird Cage


9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage


A105 Bell Loops – Medium


A107 The Ropey Mop Medium


A111 Log Tower


Aluminum Arch ACA 2522


Aluminum Arch ACA 3325


Aluminum Playpen ACP 2522


Aluminum Playpen ACP 3325 Large Bird Cage on Wheels


ATM2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier


ATS1719 Aluminum Travel Carrier


ATT1214 Aluminum Tiny Travel Carrier


Gold ATM2029 Aluminum Travel Carrier *Older Model*


K021 Sweet chains & rope

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