Bird cage perches are essential for your feathered friend.  Every bird perch we offer is long-lasting, safe, durable, comfortable, made of the best materials and has great value.  The choices and options are endless so go ahead and shop your heart out!  For any type of perch you want, we have the right one for you.  Wood, plastic, sand, straight rod, knotted wood, grooming, perches with swings, the answer is YES – we have it!  A perfect bird perch for every type of bird: parakeet perches, canary or any parrot perch; you will love the care and quality of these bird cage perches!

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Aluminum 2522 – LONG Side To Side Perch – 23 1/2″ Left to Right of cage


Aluminum 2522 – SHORT Inside Perch – 21 1/2″ Front to Back of cage


Aluminum 3325 – Inside Perch For ACF/ACP/ACA – Front To Back


Aluminum 3325 – Inside perch for ACP/ACF/ACA 3325 – Left To Right


B70 Perch for B70 Stand – 18″L x 1 1/4″Diam.


B72 Perch for B72 Stand – 21″L x 1 1/8″Diam.


B73 Perch for B73 Stand – 12″L x 3/4″Diam.


Block and chain swing K424


CN 1045 Twist in Perch


CN 1052 Twist in Perch


CN Perch Cut To Size Plastic Perch


Dowl Perch for Inside Smaller side of ELTPC, SLTPC 4226 Cages


Dragonwood Enrichment Bolt-On Mutli Branch Tiny


Dragonwood Enrichment Bolt-On Perch


Dragonwood Enrichment Cage Topper Double MD


Dragonwood Enrichment Cage Topper Double SM

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