Most people need vitamins and supplements for better overall health, our bird friends are no different!  Bird vitamins and bird supplements can be a confusing market but with our industry-leading products, you know you are getting high-quality, vet-recommended products that your bird really needs at the best value.  Parrot supplements, aids for good shell health, breeding aids or helping with energy; whatever the need is, King’s Cages can fill it with the most sought after and trusted products on the market!  Find the top bird supplements & parrot vitamins with ease and confidence.

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Abba DTS2000 Antimicrobial

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Abba Ivermectin Control Mites Canaries, Finches, Parakeet


Abba Liquid Thunder Vitamin/Minerals High Energy Supplement 2oz


King’s Calcium Mineral Treats Medium


King’s Calcium Mineral Treats Small

Miracle 250 grams bird Antibacterial and Multi Vitamin
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Miracle 250 grams Antibacterial and Multi Vitamin

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