King’s Cages has the best, vet-recommended bird grooming products that your feathered friend will ever need!  Bird grooming is a natural instinct and it’s vital for you to find the right bird grooming supplies for the health of your feathered pet.  Our bird grooming products will cover all your needs: shampoos, vitamins and minerals, pest control and homeopathic. We provide the highest quality, safest and most reliable product with the best value in the industry.  The best bird deserves the best grooming products!

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Kwik Stop 14 grams Styptic Powder Stops Bleeding Fast


Nail & Beak Cleaner and Shiner – Great For Grooming


Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for Cockatoos & Macaws 17oz. KING-023


Scalex Mite and Lice Spray – 8oz. or 32oz.

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