King’s Cages is the only place you need to meet all of your bird food and parrot food needs!  Offering a wide and wholesome variety of foods including cockatiel, finch, canary and other types of bird food.  Choose from the best brands and vet-recommended bird food and treats, trust our quality and care.  You will always get the best value for you feathered friend!  Whether you want organic bird food, treats, goldenfeast food, nesting or hand feeding bird food you can shop with confidence that King’s Cages delivers the best parrot food online.  If you’re looking for Goldenfeast food that you don’t see on our website, call us.

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ABBA 1200 Small Hookbill No-Sunflower


ABBA 1300 Lg. Hookbill NO SUNFLOWER


ABBA 1400 African Grey and Senegal


ABBA 1500 Parrot Seed


ABBA 1600 Parakeet Seed


ABBA 1600-C Cockatiel


ABBA 1700 Canary Seed


ABBA 1800 Song Food Canary & Finch Treat


ABBA 2100 Sm. Hookbill Treat


ABBA 2200 Heavenly Hookbill Treat


ABBA 2300 Parrot Treats


ABBA 2400 Just Nuts


ABBA 2800 Just Fruit


ABBA 2900 Chunky-Licious


Abba 3500 – NO COLOR Wholesome Parrot Food


Abba 3800 Goldfinch and Siskin

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