Pluck No More

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Pluck No More, A Revolutionary New Product For Birds Who Feather Pluck
Recommended by Avian Vets

Does your bird feather pluck, feather pick, mutilate or have behavior problems? 

This great revolutionary new product for featherlike, feather pickers and birds with behavior problems has been on the market since January 2005. Already many people have called to say their feather plucking Cockatoos, African Greys, Macaws and small birds have totally feathered up in only a matter of 5 weeks since using this great new product. Feather plucking, feather picking & feather mutilation stops. New feathers stay. 

Many birds that have been screaming all day have calmed down, biters and toe biters have stopped biting and untamable birds have now become tamed. 

A Homeopathic formula that only Kings Cages sells in the US. Completely herbal liquid.  

Pluck No More
Beware of cheap imitations. Our formula is completely different from the competition. Don’t be misled, our formula is backed by 5 of the world’s top Avian Veterinarians.

90%+ Success Rate
list item 2Avian Veterinarians & Users Testimonials
list item 3FDA Registered
Pluck No More Works for

Feather Plucking
Feather Picking
Biting, Screaming
Phobias & Behavior Problems
Pluck No More Success Stories

This Macaw had been a Plucker for over 1 year

Stops Birds From Feather Plucking, Calms Fearful & Untamable Birds – Great New Revolutionary Product!
Over 90% Success Rate On Feather Pluckers, Feather Pickers & Stress Related Behaviors  

After 12 Days     
    After 7 Weeks
After 8 Days      
     After 6 weeks          
After 8 Days     
    After 3 Months
After 2 Weeks    
    After 6 Weeks
Caique – Feather
 Plucking a few months
After 3 Weeks    
   After 7 Weeks
Eclectus – Badly
 Feather plucked
Directions for Use

For stress-related feather plucking, feather picking & feather mutilation. Feather plucking stops. Feathers stay! Alternative to a vet’s collar for stress induced problems: anxiety, fear, nervousness, separation anxieties for phobias such as fear of loud noises, calms screaming birds, biting, toe biters, aggressive and untamable birds. Birds remain active, playful & full of energy.

Stops feather pluckers, feather pickers & feather mutilation. Feathers grow back & stay. No more feather picking changes behavior of screamers, biters, aggressive & phobic birds, a homeopathic formula with no side effects. FDA Registered completely herbal liquid. 

Use only distilled or bottled water. Add 1 capful of “Pluck No More” to 8 oz drinking water each day for birds such as African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus and all size Macaws. For birds such as Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, Quakers, Canaries and Parakeets use 1/2 capful. Also add 1 capful to 2 oz of distilled water in a spray bottle. Start right. Before using Pluck No More, the bird must be bathed in a tub with Feather Shine Shampoo and then all shampoo must be thoroughly rinsed off the bird. 

In most cases you should begin to see positive results in 15-25 days. Discontinue after 6 months if no positive results are seen, and consult your local veterinarian.

Kings Cages would love to hear from you on your results. 

Call us with your questions & experiences at 732-698-9800. Send pictures and testimonials about your experiences to

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