Frequently Ask Questions

❓ What does it mean when my order is "On Hold" ?
When your order is “On Hold” that means we are picking and packing your order. So get excited because it will be on it’s way to you shortly!
 ❓ What size cage should I buy for my bird ?
We have tried to make your selection very easy, you can shop by bird size.

It is important to remember that the bird’s tail should not touch the back or bottom of the cage when it’s sitting on a perch. At the very minimum the width of the cage should be 1-1/2 times as wide as your bird’s wingspan. When selecting your bird cage keep in mind that essential perches, toys and other fun bird-safe accessories quickly fill a cage. So you’ll do your feathered friend a favor by providing him a comfortably large living area that will accommodate all the essential items that make his house an enjoyable “home” in which to spend his time. 

A general bird cage size guide for some common pet birds is shown below. I’ve offered this guide as an approximate size reference. My personal choice would be to select the largest cage I could afford as long as the cage bar dimensions were appropriate for the bird. 

This is the amount of room BETWEEN the bars of the cage, and is very important. Trouble ensues if the bar spacing is too large and the bird’s head can squeeze through the bars. If the spacing is too small, your birds visibility is decreased (and you can’t see your new little friend as well, either!). Proper spacing helps them climb around their new home easily, as well. By alphabetical, not size, order 

Bar Spacing Guidlines 

Small Birds
Up to ½”
Medium Birds
⅝” – ¾”
Large Birds
¾” – 1″
X-Large Birds
1″ – 1 ¼”













African Grey

Timneh or CongoAmazonCockatoo (sm-lrg)

Goffin to UmbrellaMacaw – (Sm-Med) – Hahns/Noble, Mini
Cockatoo (Lg)

MoluccanMacaw (Lg)

Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Hyacinth,Greenwing

2. CAGE DIMENSIONS – What size should my bird cage be?
Experts will tell you (within the confines of safe bar spacing, of course) to select as large a cage as you can afford (remember, your living room can always be rearranged!) 

It is important to make sure the bird’s tail will not touch either the back or the bottom of the cage while sitting on the perch. Another guideline is to choose a width at least 1_1/2 times your bird’s wingspan. 

It really is amazing how quickly a small space fills up once you fill it with toys, perches, and other fun items! Keeping your friend occupied with a variety of playthings is essential to prevent feather-plucking from boredom, but fun should certainly not come at the cost of giving up free space inside the cage! (by alphabetical, not size, order):  

Cage Width Minimums (Suggested) 

Small BirdsMedium BirdsLarge Birds
18″ and Larger

Finches to Parakeets20″ and Larger

Lovebirds, etc.
24″ and Larger

Conures, Etc.32″ and Larger

Amazons, Greys, Etc.
36″ and Larger

Cockatoos40″ and Larger

❓ What are your cages made of ?
Unless choosing Stainless Steel or Aluminum our cages are made of durable wrought-iron with a heavy powder coat baked on 100% bird safe paint – in a variety of colors for you to choose from.
❓ Are your cages bird-safe and non-toxic ?
Our cages are ALL Non-Toxic and safe for your feathered friend. We have our cages test regularly. That said, ingesting paint is never healthy, and if your bird is prone to making their cage a chew-toy, we recommend looking into our Stainless Steel or Aluminum lines which are impossible to ingest.
❓ Why is Stainless Steel so expensive ?
Kings Cages uses the finest medical grade 304 German stainless steel. Medical grade stainless steel has high nickel content that prevents rusting. Cheaper stainless steel has more chrome in it. Chrome will RUST. Stainless steel cages are ideal because they last so incredibly long- you might not have to buy another cage again! 304 Medical Grade Stainless steel is a more expensive metal than wrought iron. Stainless steel also has no texture like paint that holds poop and dander, which makes it easier to keep your new 304 Medical Grade stainless steel and beautiful for years to come.
❓ Are the Aluminum Cages painted ?
NO. The Aluminum is Anodized
Many metals are structurally weakened by the oxidation process, but not aluminum. Anodizing involves placing a sheet of aluminum into a chemical acid bath. The sheet of aluminum becomes the positive anode and the acid bath becomes the negative. An electric current passes through the acid, causing the surface of the aluminum to oxidize. Special dyes can also be used to color the anodized aluminum for decorative uses. Aluminum is an excellent material because it is strong and will never rust or corrode. The anodized finish also adds significant durability to the product, making it much more difficult to scratch and is very attractive. This material also makes our cages great for outdoor use.
❓ Do your cages require assembly ?
Yes, our cages require assembly. If you have any questions about assembly don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 866-777-7303.
❓ Who makes your cages ?
We manufacture and design all of our cages. Our innovative design team puts ever effort in making a safe, strong cage for your feathered friends. We have over 30 years experience and will offer nothing but the best.
❓ Do you ship internationally ?
Yes! Please be aware there will be extra freight charges. Your account manager will contact you with these charges. You will also be responsible for all customs, taxes or duties that your government may charge.
Why is there no shipping charge coming up on my order on the Checkout page?
Some items that are bulky and heavy weight require manual calculation to insure that the shipping charge is the most economical available. For example: Large Cages or Odd shaped Java Trees. These products will not be able to be shipped via UPS and can be costly to ship. Therefore, Kings Cages wants to make sure that you are charged a competitive rate and will receive the product in the fastest and safest way possible. When you do not see a shipping charge appear on the checkout page this is usually the case. Kings Cages will e-mail you with the exact shipping charge of the product you requested. We will not ship your package until we receive your approval for these charges. 

All sales on Bird Food & Treats are FINAL, when shipped outside the United States. No Returns! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

When purchasing and bird food or treats for exportation outside the United States, please check your countries regulations on importation. We WILL NOT be held responsible for any duties, fees or freight charges involved with return of any products if they are rejected.  
❓ I provide the wrong shipping address. What should I do ?
Contact us immediately with the correct address. You will be responsible for a re-consignment fee.  
❓ When will my order ship ?
97% of all orders ship within 24 hours. Most products ship the same day if ordered by 1:00PM EST.
❓ When can I expect my order to arrive ?
In most cases orders shipped via FedEx should arrive within 3-5 business days if you live on the East Coast, and 5 – 10 business days of you live on the West Coast. If you require your product to arrive faster you may elect to have your package shipped via FedEx 2nd Day service or 3 day delivery for an additional charge. This amount will be automatically calculated at the point of checkout. Please note that Kings Cages is not responsible for shipping delays caused by the carrier used.
❓ What if I got my order, but some items are damaged ?
Please inspect all items carefully when you receive your order. If merchandise arrives with extensive damages it is best to REFUSE it from the carrier attempting delivery. If the damage is minimal you should accept the package make sure it is noted on the carrier’s delivery record in order for Kings Cages to file a damage claim. Keep the merchandise AND the original box together. Please call our customer-care department at 1-866-777-7303 at your earliest convenience, but no later than 5 days after the package was delivered. We can arrange for a carrier inspection and/or a pick up of damaged merchandise. If you do not notify Kings Cages of damaged goods within the first 5 days of arrival, our regular return policy will override any claim of damage.
❓ Do I have to spray my bird with the Pluck No More ?
YES, for all birds add 1 capful of Pluck No More into a spray bottle with 1 oz of bottled or distilled water. Shake well, and spray the bird 3 times a day. The reason for this is because when the bird preens they will digest the Pluck No More. We have found that plucking is usually a mental problem. Not physical. You will find that after a few days most birds will calm down greatly. You will notice their personalities will usually get better, and they will play with their toys more.  
❓ How soon will I see results ?
In most cases when using Pluck No More you will see positive results in 10-25 days. Think of feather plucking as a habit like cigarette smoking or biting your nails. We usually find it take 2-3 months to break the habit. Once the bird is totally feathered up you can discontinue. At that point the habit has been broken. We find to feather up completely most birds will use from 4-8 bottles. Discontinue after 6 months if no positive results are seen, and consult your local veterinarian.

Why use Feather Shine Shampoo?
If the bird has lice or mites on him that has not been detected by you or your vet, then most likely the Pluck No More will not work. This is because of the lice or mites that are chewing on his skin. You can not get rid of dead skin cells by just spraying water on the bird. We recommend that you put the bird on Pluck No More for 2 days before you give the bird a bath. This will help calm the bird down. With every bottle of shampoo you will receive detailed directions written by Dr. Sam Vaughn, DVM Avian Diplomat. 

What If I run out of Pluck No More? 
If the bird has not totally feathered up and you run out of Pluck No More the bird may go back to plucking since the habit has not been broken.  
❓ My bird started to feather up, but then after a few weeks pulled out some feathers out again ?
Try getting an eye dropper, take approximately 5 drops straight out of the bottle and if the bird is tame enough put in directly full strength into the birds beak. Try this for a few days. This may help to put the bird back on the program. You cannot overdose a bird using Pluck No More.  
❓ Why do I have to stop giving my Bird Fruits and Vegetables while on Pluck No More ?
The reason for no fruits and veggies is because if the bird is on a dry diet they will drink more Pluck No More. Therefore, getting better, faster results, and they will start feathering up sooner.

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