Nifty Facts About Parrots

Keeping pets is amazing. However, having a parrot as a pet is even better. Parrots look beautiful and are super intelligent as well. Not to mention, a few types of parrots can learn how to speak as well. Currently, over 14 million homes have various kinds of parrots as their pets.

People enjoy keeping parrots as pets because they are very low maintenance. You do not need to feed them with expensive pet foods, and they are herbivorous. This article will tell you some interesting facts about parrots.

Sound Imitation

Currently, humans have discovered around 372 kinds of parrots from all around the world. Among them, a few can imitate various sounds which are entirely different from their real voice.

Therefore, those parrots can speak like humans. In the wild, this helps them protect themselves from predators.

The color of the parrots

Parrots are magnificent creatures. They are beautiful and come in all kinds of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. Their colors and body structure makes them look like fruits when they sit in a tree. Their color and shape act as camouflage against predator animals.

Their Life Span

Parrots are perfect pets for humans because they have a long life span. You will be surprised to know that a few species can live for 80 years and look the same as they used to when you first got them. In fact, they become even more beautiful once they grow older.

The Molting Period

Parrots go through a feather-shedding stage twice a year, which we call the molting time. During molting time, the parrot’s skin becomes super fragile. During this time, you need to give your parrot more hours to sleep, which helps her grow beautiful feathers. Remember to avoid petting your parrot during this time, as it can irritate its skin.

Home of most Exotic Parrots

New Zealand has some of the most interesting and exotic kinds of parrots from all around the world. You will see these parrots flying freely all around the country. The country is home to parrots like Kea, Kaka, Kakapo, Kakariki, Yellow-crowned Parakeet, and Red-crowned Parakeet, and many more.

America’s Fourth Favorite Pets

Parrots are ranked among America’s top favorite pets. Around 14 million households around the country have adopted different kinds of parrots as their pets. They enjoy living with their families, even though most parrots are actually tropical birds. Of course, even if you don’t want one as a pet, you will find them in the most exotic locations around the world.

Parrots have the Perfect Grip

Parrots are zygodactyls. Similarly to other birds, they have four toes. However, their finger placement makes their feet perfect. They have two toes in front, and two on the back, which makes allows for a phenomenal grip.

Their grip is so strong that it can break the hardest nuts effortlessly. The shape of their feet helps them climb trees and helps them eat just about anything. They can even grind calcium for themselves.

Parrots are not Only Tropical

Most people think that all parrots belong to tropical regions, which is far from the truth. You will be astounded to know that around 27 species of parrots are not tropical. However, the 350 other species are tropical and live in areas like South America, New Zealand’s Alpine region, Asia, and Australia.

Spotting a Male and Female Parrot is Exceptionally Challenging

When you see a couple of parrots, distinguishing if it is a girl or a boy is very challenging. It usually takes a lab test or a keen eye to spot a difference. Therefore, while buying a parrot, most sellers find it difficult to tell if they are selling a male or a female.

Parrots have Taste Glands n top of their Beaks

When you give your parrot anything to eat, it will usually touch it with its beak, as it tastes the food like that. However, parrots have more taste glands in the back of its mouth and the roof as well. It has 300 glands in total, which is surely not as diverse as the human’s pallet.

Final Feedback

Parrots are beautiful and magnificent creatures. Some of their kinds seem absolutely unreal. Some have shinny and long curved beaks, and others have beautiful long tails with unique patterns on them.

Parrots make amazing pets. They look beautiful, they are calm, and they entertain you with their presence. You can talk to your parrot like a real person as well and teach them how to speak in the process.