Of all the senses humans possess, scent is probably one of the strongest. Smells trigger short and long term memories as well as affect our moods and emotions!

What are your favorite scents? Cinnamon? Lily, coconut, or apple? Human beings are built to enjoy the way certain things smell. The ability to bring any fragrance into our home is abundant. Candles, room deodorizers, room sprays and incense, these options are everywhere!

However, almost of these vessels of pleasant odors are toxic for your bird! That’s sad, right? So does that mean you have to get rid of all of your candles and room sprays? Not necessarily.

What Makes Candles Toxic?

Most candles are made of paraffin, a petroleum based product that is toxic to a bird.  A bird’s lungs are different than human lungs and don’t work like ours. Many of these compounds, like essential oils can not pass safely through their lungs and cause irritation and respiratory problems.

Candles and other products contain things like essential oils, plant waxes and tallow. None of these things are avian safe! The wicks are made from zinc or zinc alloy and gel candles contain mineral oil and a polymer. All great for people, not for birds! Or really, most animals.

Beeswax and soy are great alternatives, just make sure the wicks are cotton or better yet, use wax melts. Make sure the soy is 100% soy with no chemicals. If you choose beeswax, do not put it close to your pet, it still produces smoke which is never good for you bird friend!

There are sites that show you how to make your own or advise on the best good smelling plants and flowers. And all of these are great, however, a good smelling candle can not be beat! Especially for those people that don’t want to make things or don’t have the time and for people who have allergies to plants and flowers. There are a lot people out there like that!

So, don’t compromise! Try King’s Cages 100% soy wax candles melts. All the great scents you love but no chemicals whatsoever! No paraffin or UV blockers which are used to keep the color from fading.

Vet-approved, animal friendly wax melts are a reality and are completely phthalate free! All the things you want and none of the things that you don’t.

Knowing that your bird and other pets are safe while your house smells great! Because, as we all know, that while a house of pets is a happy house, it is not always a super great smelling house!

King’s Cages also has a great line of pet friendly candles, made with the same fine ingredients as our wax melts! The wicks are 100% natural, made with paper and soy, allowing for 60% cleaner burn.

Bird Safe Candles

Breath in Black Cherry Merlot, Vanilla Creme and Cactus Flower and Jade, knowing your birds and other pets will not be harmed!

Do you want to know more about your feathered friend’s delicate lungs?

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