Birds n Ways
Complete Guide to Parrots and Pet Birds. If it’s about birds, you’ll find it here.

Greg Burkett DVM, Avian Diplomate ABVP
Birdie Boutique Website

Parrot Fanciers’ Club – Long Island, NY bird club
Education, adoption program, parrot rescue, newsletter and many other activities.

Parrot Haven Bird Rescue
A “safe haven” for injured and homeless birds until they can be adopted. No bird will be turned away. Supported by the Parrot Fanciers’ Club in Long Island, NY.

Long Island Parrot Society – NY bird club
Educates on bird care and encourages breeding research and educational programs. Local vet, breeder info, etc.

Samuel B. Vaughn, Avian Diplomate ABVP
Veterinary Associates-Stonefield Website

Winged Wisdom Magazine
An online magazine devoted to the care and breeding of parrots and exotic birds.

Caiques Are People Too!
Unofficial Site for the Caique List. Lots of info on caiques.

Kate’s Feathered Friends
African grey, eclectus and caique breeder

Charlie’s Song Birds
Breeder of European Finches, Mules, and Hybrids.

Discount Pet and Supplies
Discount Pet and Supplies.


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