How Quality Paper Extends the Life of Your Cage

Every bird owner knows that chewing and shredding is an instinctive behavior and that birds have powerful beaks that can be destructive.  Their cages are probably full of chew toys and bird-safe objects that your beloved pet can chew on, but have you taken the time to think about the liner in their cage?

Benefits of King’s Cages Liner Paper

What lines your bird’s cage is just as important as anything else your bird is exposed too.  There are two things to consider when it comes to choosing the correct bird cage liner paper.  One is the safety factor for your bird, the second is how the liner paper can affect the cleanliness and overall life of a bird’s home.

Avian Safe and Good for the Cage!

Paper that lines a birdcage MUST be untreated and avian safe in the event your bird chews on it.  Cage liner paper should be hypoallergenic, dust-free, heavyweight, sanitary and cover the entire bottom of the cage.  King’s Cages birdcage liner paper is part of a healthy avian environment.  The paper is economical and easy to use.  Clean up is a breeze and because King’s Cages paper liners are untreated it’s easy to check the bottom of the cage for bird droppings that show signs of illness.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Heavyweight paper that keeps the cage dry, wicks away moisture and evaporates water
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for your bird if ingested
  • Sanitary and dust-free
  • Economical and makes for easy cleanup
  • Eliminates mold and is fungus resistant
Cage paper to fit most models

King’s Cages liner paper extends the life of your cage because it keeps mold, fungus and moisture from accumulating on the cage floor.  By keeping the cage clean and sanitary, you won’t be seeing damage to the cage that can be caused by treated paper or bird cage liner paper that doesn’t keep the area your bird lives in sanitary.  There’s also the fact that if your bird buddy is exposed to unsanitary living conditions or a dusty cage then that bird can become ill, which means he or she could throw up in the cage or start biting at the cage as a sign of illness.

Having a custom fit for liner paper is very important.  It makes clean-up easier for you and will aid in keeping the cage floor cleaner.  When buying King’s Cages liner paper for your bird’s cage you get the promise of our premiere product line with the economic value you appreciate.  Our packs will give you enough bird cage liner paper to change it out every day, which is the recommended practice.  We carry the correct paper fit for every model new and old to guarantee a perfect fit.  The standard package is 60 sheets, but some models offer 180 sheets per pack.

King’s Cages Models

The bird cage liner paper we carry for models include:

  • The Economy line, including the playpen
  • The European line, both old and new
  • Both the Superior and Luxury lines
  • The Aluminum line

You can check out the full line and further descriptions and options from the drop-down menu on our site or click on the link below.

Cage Paper To Fit Most Models

Our liner papers are part of our line of avian safe products, that are always, dye-free, chemical-free, never contain perfumes or any element that can harm a bird.  King’s Cages is dedicated to enhancing all aspects of a bird’s life as well as giving you a one-stop shopping experience for any and all pet bird wants and needs.

If your bird does like to shred paper but you want to keep the heavy-duty liner paper from being a chew toy, King’s Cages has an assortment of durable, economic shredding toys for birds of all sizes.  They’re colorful too, as birds like colorful objects.

King’s Cages started over 40 years ago out of the need for cages and products that focused on avian safety, durability and maximum value.  We still live by that mission and install those core beliefs in everything we sell.  No matter what your bird needs, bird cage liner paper, healthy treats, breeding food, or an atrium, we have it!  Join our VIP Coupon list to see what specials are offered on a weekly basis, visit our site to see King’s Cages full enrichment line, or call a King’s Cages expert to answer any questions you may have.