How Often Should You Bathe Your Bird

Most of the bird owners wonder often is it suitable to bathe your bird. The truth is that there is no hard and fast answer to that question. Read on to learn more!

How Often and When should You Bathe Your Bird?

It would help if you offered a bath to your bird daily. Whether the creature opts to bathe daily depends on its mood and preferences. The majority of the pet birds tend to take pleasure in bathing each day, while others only like to bathe sporadically.

You should encourage your bird to bathe regularly, as their skin and feathers will appear to be much healthier if they bathe regularly. You can begin by offering a bath to your pet bird twice or even once every week. You might observe that your bird has a certain fondness regarding the time of the day it prefers to bathe. A great tip is to offer the bath to your bird or gently bring it to the shower area at the specific time of day it likes to bathe.

Another thing you should know is that bathing your bird in the morning time might offer greater opportunity to dry. A warm and sunny room devoid of any drafts provides your pet bird with a very relaxed and convenient setting to preen and dry out while making sure it does not get too chilled. Some of the birds enjoy it when you dry them a warm hairdryer. However, that said, you need to take meticulous care not to overheat your pet or forcefully dry it with a hairdryer if it is scared by it.

When you do it properly, there is no denying that bathing can be just as much an enjoyable experience for you as it is for your adorable bird.

What Should you Bathe Your Bird With?

If you have a healthy bird with regular plumage, tap water at a little warm temperature is often ideal, given that the water is appropriate for consumption by your pet and your family. Moreover, bottled spring water is a good option as well.

However, it is in your best interest to steer clear from distilled water to bathe your bird as it does not have sufficient dissolved salts, minerals, and ions.

Mists and sprays that are commercially available and designed to clean your bird’s feathers are benign, and you can use them as a substitute to water in a bottle spray. However, before making use of any of such products on your birds, it is best to closely read the label, and reach out to your avian veterinarian to make sure that the said product is completely safe and does not pose any risk all to your bird.

Some vets do not recommend using certain kinds of sprays like mite sprays, which comprise insecticides or medications. If your pet bird has a particular medical condition like mites, it is only prudent to consult with your avian veterinarian for suitable treatment and diagnosis.

How to Bathe Your Bird?

You have to provide the warm water as your bird will be doing most of the work during its bath! Some birds like to splash in a water dish and try to immerse themselves in the cups they drink.

There are bathing chambers that fix to the bird cage’s side and prevent water from spilling in the room. Another great and convenient place for your birds to take a bath is in a shallow water sink. Most pet birds enjoy frolicking under a light dribble of water coming down from the tap while fluttering their wings and sinking their pretty heads in the water.

You can also make use of a spray bottle like a plant mister to mist your bird very gently. Birds tend to enjoy bathing this way very much!

Your bird might even like taking a shower with you and be content sitting atop a perch that attaches to the tile with cups (suction ones) at the shower’s back. It would help if you kept in mind that water’s direct pressure from the head of the shower might hurt or frighten your pet. Hence, you ought to fix a perch away from the direct water spray, where your bird can delicately splash itself. Furthermore, it is vital to know that you should not use commercial bathing solutions on your bird that comprise soaps, chemicals, or other harmful ingredients.