Polly Mess-Less Bolt-On Cups SHORT
Say GOODBYE to your messy floor with the secret of the Mess Less Cup This perch, with an easy on and off cup is designed...
Polly Portable Stand with Pastel Perch and Twist-On Cup
Great Training Perch for Young Birds Portable Stand with Pastel Perch and Twist-On Cup Trims bird’s nails as they perch! Extra Large - 2" Diameter...
Polly Mess-Less Bolt-On Cups LONG
Polly Mess-Less Bolt-On Cups Centrally locates the food in your bird's cage. Provides secure non-slip gripping surface. Easy on, easy off, birds cannot remove cup!...
Polly Coconut Cup Perch Polly Coconut Cup Perch
Your bird will dine in jungle style! Beautiful all natural hardwood perch with coconut attached helps keep mess in the center of the cage, not...
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