Flour & Pantry Moth Trap S202 (2 Pack)
Flour & Pantry Moth Trap Package of 2 pre-assembled non-toxic traps captures the moths in your home that contaminate flour, food, birdseed, and pet food....
S204 Birdseed Moth Trap (2 Pack)
Birdseed Moth Trap 2 Traps Per Box SpringStar's BioCare Birdseed Moth Traps attracts and captures adult seed moths such as Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour...
S011 Mosquito Replant Candle
Mosquito Replant Candle Made in U.S.A. 15 oz. glass jar candle Burns for 60 hours Light this candle on your patio or deck, and relax...
Flea Trap S102 Single
Sold Out
Sold Out
Flea Trap When plugged in, fleas are attracted to the light and heat. Then fall into the trap, out of sight. Control even the worst...
S109 Bed Bug Monitor 2 complete traps
Sold Out
Sold Out
Bed Bug Trap 2 complete traps per box SpringStar's BioCare First Response Bed Bug Monitor is a package of 2 sticky, non-toxic bed bug traps....
S534 Window Fly Trap
Comes with 4 complete traps Lasts 3 months Use these non-toxic, long lasting and disposable sticky fly traps to keep flies down -- without poisons...
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