Foraging and Shreddable Toys

Foraging and shreddable toys for birds are essential for your feathered friends and we only offer the best quality, industry leading, veterinarian recommended items at a good price for a great value!  Not all birds forage the same, so foraging toys should not all be the same.  For great variety and sizes, shop our online website for durable long-lasting items.  Parrot foraging toys, large ones, small ones, ones with wheels, doors or treasure boxes; whatever your bird needs, you can be confident in the safety and safety of all King's Cages foraging toys for birds products!
K1000 Shredder Rolls
Shredder Rolls 9.5" Long x 1.875" Wide x 1.25" High
K220 Pizza Box Large
Pizza Box Large 9 Inches Wide x 16 Inches Long Approx 2.75 Inches Thick. Solid Cardboard Box suspended by rolled paper and plastic link. Decorated...
K219 Pizza Box Medium
Pizza Box Medium 7.25 Inches Wide x 13.5 Inches Long Approx 2.75 Inches Thick. Solid Cardboard Box suspended by rolled paper and plastic link. Decorated...
K1040 Shredder with Seagrass
Sold Out
Sold Out
K1040 Shredder with Seagrass 9" Long x 8.25" Wide x 5.5" High
K600 Foraging Mats K600 Foraging Mats
K600 Foraging Mat Extreme foraging mats lined corner to corner with everything your birds will love! Corncob, popsicle sticks, wicker, wood pieces, sponge, finger traps,...
T013 Foraging cardboard tube
T013 Filled hard cardboard tube and plastic pieces. Great for foraging! 14.57" x 4.72" x 5.91" 0.54 lbs
K603 Foraging Square
K603 Foraging Square Stuffed foraging square filled with colorful shredable wicker, wood, corncob, and more! Hanging from a strong chain. 12" Long x 9" Wide
T052 Cardboard bagel foraging station
T052 Cardboard bagel foraging station with finger traps and shreddable paper 16.14" x 15.35" x 4.72" 1.56 lbs
K983 Foraging Toy w/ 1.25" Bell
Foraging Toy with 1.25" Bell 10" Long x 11" Wide x 3" High
K759 Treasure Chest Small
Treasure Chest Small 3 1/4"Long x 2"Wide x 2 1/4"High Total Length from Metal C-link to bottom of chest approx. 6 1/2 Inches. Great for...
K615 Coco Surf with Chain
K615 Coco Surf with Chain! Hanging from a metal chain. Bird safe vegetable dye for coloring! Fun colorful wood pieces with a coconut foraging station...
T061 Tropical foraging coconut drink
T061 Tropical foraging coconut drink. Get tropical with this popular "drink" of choice, allowing hours of foraging fun 9.45" x 5.51" Diam. 0.56 lbs
K981 Seagrass Foraging Pouch Medium
Seagrass Foraging Pouch with Wood, Plastic, and Leather Parts 10" Long x 8.5" Wide x 3.3" High
T023 Take-Out box foraging surprise
T023 Take-Out box foraging surprise. Perfect for a late night craving. 8.66" x 3.54" x 3.54" 0.18 lbs
K1003 Hanging Shredder with Wicker
Hanging Shredder with Wicker 15" Long x 5.25" Wide x 3.54" High
K1001 Shreddable Hanging Fiber
Shreddable Hanging Fiber 10" Long x 5.5" Wide x 3" High
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