The arrival of breeding season means little baby birds are being born, and they are so cute! Such an occasion is an exciting mixture of fun and a sense of being overwhelmed! Being a great bird parent is a wonderful experience but breeding season and being responsible for a tiny bird can seem like a huge responsibility. At King’s Cages, we vow to help your transition and experience be safe, easy and fun!

One of the most important pieces of breeding season and bird births is for you to have the right equipment.

Being prepared MUST include the proper cages, and King’s Cages has the very best in the industry! Our top of the line Aluminum Travel Cages are non-toxic and are the safest and best alternative to plastic pet carriers. Our travel cages will not chip or rust and are easy to disinfect.  Great for any travel reason, from bringing home the baby for the first time, out for grooming, or any traveling need King’s Cages is the perfect fit!

For long lasting, durable, stylish and safe Travel Cages, our Aluminum Travel Cages are, as always, top quality and will be the go to, reliable cages for your bird buddy!  You are a loving bird parent and King’s Cages can help you accomplish all of your breeding season and baby bird needs and wants!

King’s Cages aluminum travel cages are chip proof, non toxic and rust free, for peace of mind for your feathered friend! Our cages have only the best features:
1) Patented magnetic stainless steel locks
2) Easy to assemble
3) Lock in cups
4) Designer colors for the outside frame.
5) Lightweight
6) Great value and long lasting

These comfy travel cages are also perfect for vet visits and for taking your bird on trips with you!

With a variety of sizes and styles you will find the perfect size cage for your pet. King’s Cages are trusted partners for top of the line products and bird care items and that is certainly true for your breeding season needs, so let us help you be prepared and give you confidence that you have all the best for your bird, be it parrot or parakeet.

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