Bored Birds_ Rearrange the Inside of Their Cage

Birds make amazing pets. They look beautiful and are low maintenance. However, did you know that birds are highly intelligent? Therefore, you need to entertain them as much they entertain you.

Birds are explorers. They love discovering new habitats for themselves. Therefore, you need to rearrange their cages to keep them entertained.

You can rearrange their cage in different ways, you can get a new cage all together, rearrange it, or you can add a few interesting elements to their cage.

In this article, I will tell how you rearrange your feathery friend’s cage to keep them entertained for a long time.

Hacks to rearrange your Bird’s Cage

Rearranging your bird’s cage sounds very costly. However, that is not the case. You can make a few adjustments in its cage and move a thing or two here and there. That way, you can make it look new for your bird.

Clean it All Up

Cleaning your bird’s cage will make a lot of difference. Your bird might make a lot of mess by dropping food and waste in its cage.

Therefore, before redecorating its cage, you must clean your pet’s cage efficiently. It will provide her with a new environment to explore.

Change the Position of Swings and Rods

Your bird gets bored with playing with swings in the same place. Therefore, to keep her entertained, you need to change your bird’s swings often. The swings must be your bird’s favorite place to sit. Therefore, when you change its position, it will take your bird by surprise.

It is similar to the rods. Your bird rests on the rods in its cage. Therefore, when you change its position, the bird will love the little surprise. However, while changing the position, keep in mind not to put the rod and swing in a place where their bodies can get uncomfortable.

Rotate the Bird’s Toy

Your bird is your super-smart prodigy child and can get bored with its environment very easily. You need to provide your bird with new toys often. However, if you do not have enough money for that, you can change the position of the toy. Alternatively, you can rotate the toy. It will be good enough to trick your bird’s brain.

Paint the Cage

Painting your bird’s cage is a cost-effective yet smart way to renovate your bird’s home. The change in color will be interesting for him. Not to mention, during the painting and drying session, your bird can enjoy some time outside of the cage with its people.

Add Some Bird Bunkers

Birds are very shy. They do not like to do things out in the open. They need privacy while reproduction, and their hiding place helps them feel more secure. Thus, it would help if you had a bird bunker in your birds’ cage.

If your birds have a bunker, I suggest that you redecorate it a little and then put it back in their cage. However, while redecorating, make sure the birds’ didn’t lay any eggs in the bunks. If they did, you shouldn’t clean the bunker. If the birds get a hint that an intruder touched their eggs, they will break the eggs before they hatch. If they have not laid eggs, you can decorate the inside of the bunker according to their liking.

Cage Cover

If you want your birds to be healthy and beautiful, you need to provide them with appropriate darkness and privacy. Therefore, getting a cage cover can be a great investment. A cage cover ensures that there is darkness inside your bird’s cage, even when the lights are on in your room.

Proper sleep is essential for your bird to grow healthy feathers. Not to mention, birds follow a circadian cycle. If you stay up late or have your lights on throughout the night, your birds should have a cage cover so they can sleep for at least 16 hours without disturbance.

Seed Catcher

Your bird is not like you. It can drop its feed everywhere and make a mess. In this case, the seed catcher will help you collect dropped seeds and keep you from wasting your bird food.

Final Feedback

Birds are precious. They look beautiful, and only looking at them brings a lot of peace. Therefore, providing them with favorable conditions is essential. Hence, rearranging your pet’s cage will get them busy in discovering the new parts of the cage.