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BEST Quality You Can Find Anywhere!! Our Cages Will Last for Years & Provide Maximum Safety

Kings Cages is family owned and operated since 1975. Richard King and his son, Andrew, have brought you the safest, most durable avian products for over 30 years. Richard King has owned quarantine stations in the past where health & safety have always been his first priority.

Many years ago Richard found there were no safe large bird cages available for his “babies” so he started to manufacture his own. The rest is history!

Andrew King grew up taking care of the baby birds and worked alongside his father. During that time, he acquired a vast amount of bird knowledge and experience.

Andrew recently married Daniella Stanciu. She has been named the new director of the homeopathic division. She is extremely well versed in ingredient interaction and previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years both Richard and Andrew traveled the globe finding the best wood, food, cages and toy factories for your feathered friends. All of our products are bird friendly. We are sure your feathered companion will love them too.

Office Manager
Graphic Designer
Coco loves her Kings Cages play stand, Java tree, and all her wonderful toys! I love shopping at kings cages as the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and just so helpful! Their selection of toys is just outstanding also! - Lori Pachter  

Lori Pachter

I purchased a travel cage in August of this year. I just wanted you all to know that it is the most well built cage I have ever seen. Thanks

John Scabarozi

We really do love this cage, by the way - it's beautifully made, but it also ROLLS, which has proven to be a lot of fun for us AND Disco! Great product.

Judy Myers Bolton

Hi: I just wanted to let you guys at Kings Cage know how much I LOVE my 2 new aluminum cages. I had a Napoleon top white King Cage for the past 14 years for my Red Sided Female Eclectus and decided it was time for a make-over. When I saw the aluminum cage I figured I would give it a try. Not only are they beautiful with the color combination of Red/silver (33x25)& Blue/silver (25x22), but they are so much lighter and easier to move when I need to clean behind the cage. Another great thing is the bird poop comes off the aluminum without any problems. I wouldnt change anything on them but am wishing that you could make a playtop for it so that I can slide off the Dome tops and change it up every now and then. Thank you for another great Kings Cage product!

Doris Hernandez

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