A Clean Cage is All the Rage

As a dedicated avian enthusiast you probably put a lot of thought into your bird’s cage.  You made sure the cage was high and wide enough for the bird to spread its wings, has room to roam, has plenty of toys and water dishes. The perches in the cage are most likely just right to make sure your bird’s feet are being taken care of.  If you bought your bird cage from King’s Cages then you know your birds’ home is zinc free, avian expert-approved, safe, made from quality materials and are all dye-free.  One of the best ways to maintain the life and cleanliness of a bird cage is to get the best zinc-free cleaner.

If you’re putting your bird in a quality King’s Cage, use a quality cleaner made for your cage!

Royal Cage Cleaner is a liquid zinc-free formula, made in the U.S.A, and is specially formulated to dissolve dirt and messes quickly and easily.  This spray-on cleaner is non-toxic, avian safe and smells great!  Making sure your pet’s home is clean is an essential part of their overall health, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult, time-consuming chore.

Remember to always take your bird out of the cage before cleaning it.  Best practice is to remove everything out of the cage and let it dry before putting the bird, water and food dishes and toys back in.  It’s recommended to clean the cage once a week, although if your bird doesn’t spend a lot of time in the cage or if you have smaller birds a monthly deep cleaning is usually enough.  That being said there are items in the cage that need to be cleaned daily.

  1. Change cage liners daily
  2. If there’s a birdbath in the cage, clean it daily.
  3. Food and water dishes should be cleaned daily with hot water and soap and allowed to dry completely before being put back in the cage.  For this reason, many bird owners have more than one set of food and water dishes.

When cleaning the cage, it’s a good time to inspect toys or dishes for broken, chipped or damaged parts.  Check droppings for signs of illness and check that your bird isn’t losing too many feathers.

Royal Cage Cleaner is a vital part of an avian friendly environment.   Here is a checklist for other important environmental components to have in place to give your bird a long and happy life.

The Right Cage

As described earlier, space and materials that are non-toxic to your bird are of paramount importance.  King’s Cages has a large assortment of zinc-free cages for all bird breeds and size, including European cages, breeding cages, playpens and an aviary. Many of our cages come with perches above the cage and with rounded corners.

A Proper Diet

Birds require a varied diet, one full of vitamins, minerals, and protein.  Birds can eat most flowers, should have plenty of vegetables, some fruit and should not be given caffeine, anything with table salt, foods high in fat, fruit pits or chocolate.  Feel free to consult with your vet about a good diet for your bird, but know that food, seeds and treat for sale on the King’s Cages website are all stock full of proper nutrients and never contain anything that is harmful!

Toys: Many and Varied

Birds are playful, it’s one of their best traits, but a bird stuck with only chew toys or one that only has a few musical toys, is going to become bored, and then they’ll become unhappy.  Bird toys should encourage a myriad of  instinctual behavior:

  • Foraging
  • Chewing
  • Problem Solving
  • Complex toys for mental stimulation
  • Toys that let them exercise their feet
  • Toys that aid with agility

Birds love musical toys, colorful ones and love toys that encourage exploring.  Choosing non-toxic, engaging toys for your beloved pet is easy on King’s Cages website.  All of your toys are made with food-grade coloring and veterinarian approved.  You can see in the description what type of bird the toy is engineered for.


Royal Cage Cleaner is the beginning of a clean cage, we also carry “Poop Off” and a wide variety of homeopathic bird products and cleaners.  Another part of cleanliness is keeping your bird clean.  Our bird shampoos are optimal for keeping their feathers clean and healthy, fighting mites and lice, and protects against dry, itchy skin.

Shampoo Selection


Birds are social and need to be around you and the family so they don’t feel isolated, but here’s where it gets tricky.  Avoid putting the bird cage in a high trafficked and noisy area.  Do put them where they get plenty of light, but not in direct sunlight or right beside a window.  The temperature variation isn’t healthy and they can be easily spooked by what they see outside.  A bird’s home should be anchored by 2 walls, should be in a place without temperature or humidity fluctuations.   Keep perfumes, chemicals, smoke from candles and cleaners away from your bird and from the bird cage.  Birds need a regular sleep schedule, so make sure that at night the bird’s cage is covered or moved to a place where it’s quiet enough that they can get 10-12 hours of sleep each night.  A bird that is placed too high above you or too low below will feel stressed, so keep the cage at eye level.


Bonding with you and your family so important to a healthy, well-adjusted bird.  Talk and sing to your bird often.  Hand-feed them, let them be part of family time and game night, tell your bird they’re pretty and that love them.  Don’t punish bad behavior, reward good behavior take time every day to play with them.  They need you to be happy and healthy!

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