We make and sell safe and long-lasting bird cage toys that keep both you and your bird happy! We have many bird toys to choose from for all types of birds, including parakeet toys, cockatiel toys and all other types of parrot toys.  We have a wide variety of options to keep your beloved bird happy, entertained, and engaged.  All bird toys are safe, vet-recommended, and of the highest quality on the market.

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K672 Foraging Round Balls – 12 in a bag


K679 Dreamcatcher


K609 Java Bush Coconut Pumice MD


K690 Busy Mat


K689 Small Drum


K688 Tornado LG


K687 Foraging Basket


K686 Drum Tom Tom


K685 Tornado XL


K684 Large Drum


K683 Double Basket


K682 Willow Wreath


K681 Shred Tower


K680 Pineapple Twist


K796 Munch Roll


K797 Windmill

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