We make and sell safe and long-lasting bird cage toys that keep both you and your bird happy! We have many bird toys to choose from for all types of birds, including parakeet toys, cockatiel toys and all other types of parrot toys.  We have a wide variety of options to keep your beloved bird happy, entertained, and engaged.  All bird toys are safe, vet-recommended, and of the highest quality on the market.

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K796 Munch Roll


K797 Windmill


K795 Big Wheels


K677 Swinging Root – Small, Medium, Large


K678 Coco Fiber Ball – 12 pack


K676 Monster MEDIUM


K675 Java Bridge


K674 Gigantic Giggles XXL


K673 Foraging Pineapple


K672 Foraging Footballs – 12 in a bag


K671 Christmas Garland LARGE


Afro Round Drum K670


Abacus K669


K792 Party Chew


K793 Juke Box


K794 Flower Tower

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