Bird Toys

We make and sell safe and long-lasting bird cage toys that keep both you and your bird happy! We have many bird toys to choose from for all types of birds, including parakeet toys, cockatiel toys and all other types of parrot toys.  We have a wide variety of options to keep your beloved bird happy, entertained, and engaged.  All bird toys are safe, vet-recommended, and of the highest quality on the market.

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Pumble Bush K614 Medium


K629 Medium Colorful Perch Swing


Shredding Paradise K627


K635 Pine Cone Hanger


K996 Shreddable Wicker and Chain Medium


K1011 Squishy Rolls


K1010 Dangle Mop


K1009 Woven Skinny


K1008 Woven Chunky

Out Of Stock

K1007 Woven Platform Large

Out Of Stock

K1006 Woven Platform Medium


K1005 Wicker Shredder


K1004 Nature Shredder with Fiber


K1003 Hanging Shredder with Wicker


K1002 Hanging Shredder with Rope


K1001 Shreddable Hanging Fiber

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